iowa artists respond to the events of September 11, 2001

Twenty-one Iowa artists, writers, and musicians offer creative works
that express their responses to the September terrorism or its aftermath.
The selected artists also speak about their background, their creative work,
and their reactions to 9-11.

This project encouraged new, alternative images, words, and sounds—art that moves beyond the events,
goes deeper than popular reaction, offers a different viewpoint, or symbolizes renewal and hope.

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jeffrey agrell, coralville
renae angeroth, des moines
poetry & prose
betsy snow hickok, iowa city
rustin larson, fairfield
barbara lau, mt. vernon
neil nakadate, ames
james calvin schaap, sioux center
ann struthers, cedar rapids
mary swander, ames
marianne taylor, mt. vernon
visual & multimedia
laurie elizabeth talbot hall, iowa city
janet hart heinicke, indianola
elise kendrot, iowa city
jennifer s. otis, iowa city
nancy l. purington, iowa city
wendy s. rolfe, monmouth
julie russell-steuart, jesup
crit streed, cedar falls
faye tambrino, marshalltown
daniel weiss, des moines
margaret whiting, waterloo

read about
American Spirit Day, September 11, 2002
at the Iowa State Historical Museum
art, drama, readings, music, remembering

This program was supported by a grant from the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, and by funding from private sources.

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