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visual & multimedia

Laurie Elizabeth Talbot Hall
"That Which Sustains Me," mixed media construction
"Solstice," mixed media construction

Janet Hart Heinicke
"The Hospitality of Bread," drawing

Elise Kendrot
"Salt Columns," sculpture

Jennifer S. Otis
"One in Nine," stoneware sculpture
"Cacela Velha," stoneware sculpture
"Plum," stoneware sculpture

Nancy L. Purington
"November 10, 2001," painting


Wendy S. Rolfe
"Prayer for New York," tin sconce

Julie Russell-Steuart
"Flying After," multimedia

Crit Streed
"Requiescat In Pace," painting

Faye Tambrino
"Dreams of the Future," painting

Daniel Weiss
"STORIES" series, paintings

Margaret Whiting
"Peace Forbids all Force," altered law books
"Of the Universal Law of Nations," altered law books

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