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scenes from the sk dessert factory – smitten kitchen


adding spices and sugar

yea, just try not to eat one

pie detail

pie, ready for its lid

apple steam bath facial

rectangular tart shell

gingersnap crumb crust

chocolate puddle

Thankful, in no particular order: Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style; a husband who is more patient, better-mannered and looks better in jeans than I do (and who will no doubt snerk because I mentioned Tim Gunn first); a sunny apartment; all 273 comments on my mom’s apple cake; a family that laughs their faces off when I tell them about our late night underbed horror story; the Flying Spaghetti Monster; in-laws that fulfill not a single in-law cliche; artichokes; that I get to do work I like, for people I like; a passport with a lot of stamps on it; bourbon; a new neighbor around the corner I can actually borrow a tart pan from in a pinch; Google Docs; this new print we are framing that makes me giggle every time I see it; January 20th; a coffee shop steps away that neither burns the coffee nor considers a 16-ounce tanker a “small”; the two slices of Poilane bread left in the freezer from our house guests; that I get to call editing photos of apple peels “work”; the scent of mingling of tree vendors and roasted cashews in New York right now; the relief realizing that I haven’t grown “out of” liking to crunch leaves and cut paper snowflakes; the RUB t-shirts that say “Best butt in town!”. And you.

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